About us



Cool Math Games Objective.

Our goal is to bring the best cool math games of the web in one site where the children can start learning the basic and necessaries skills for interpreting and exploring the vast and wide world of math in a funny, healthy and entertaining way.

Cool Math Games Vision.

Math is a complicated science composed of very simple things. Math is more than a bunch of numbers, Math is a science of abstract ideas, of generalizations, logic, models that fit reality and solve problems in the real world. In resume, Math is a very powerful tool.

Cool Math Games is a initiative for learning the basic math skills trough cool math games and a lot of fun. Learning math doesn’t have to be boring. Just enjoy, play and discover. With Challenging puzzles, logic games, thinking games.

Who We Are?

Our team is composed of a group of Engineers. I’m a Telocmunications Engineer specialized in Applied Maths, my brother is a Structural Engineer also specialized in Applied Math, and a Electrical Engineer specialized in Physics. The idea of this page was to concentrate the best resources to learn math the cool way!! so that nothing boring will stop you from learning.

Our Best Cool Math Games