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Siege Hero Pirate

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Hero's Wanted!! Use strategy and precise aim to tumble down the Pirate ships, pillage the caves full of gold and free the Oppressed!

Best games for learning

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Games are a very powerfull tool  for learning skills and subjects. In deep, all games are educational and give us the oportunity to explore, at a reasonable pace, new worlds, possibilities and develop a set of compete...

Laser Cannon 3

1.80K Played0 Comments

Take control of this super-powered laser to squish as many of these icky aliens as you can.

Pixel quest

11.14K Played0 Comments

Meet Rex. He is an avid adventurer and treasure hunter who is tasked with finding the lost and forgotten, and this time he has been given the job of locating the Golden Frog Idols.

Grand Prix Go

919 Played0 Comments

Fast paced isometric racing game.Race round 12 unique tracks against nine other cars, unlocking 72 achievements as you go.

Age manipulation

634 Played0 Comments

The ability to change the age is indeed a unique ability. What happens if that ability is used in a physics puzzle game? Check it out! The game objective is to remove all bad guys. Use left click to make good guy olde...

Vértigo Loco

9 Played0 Comments

Help Woody Woodpecker, better known as the Crazy Bird, reach the goal within the time limit in this frantic online game. For that, take a board with the wood you prefer, collect power ups and avoid the bushes, rocks a...


21 Played0 Comments

Bloons Tower Defense 5. Put the monkeys in the correct position to bloom the ballowns!

Fancy Pants Adventure Remix

3.53K Played0 Comments

Welcome back, Fancy Pants Adventurers, to where it all began! Fancy Pants Man’s very first adventure returns, featuring brand new levels, pants, hats, and surprises! The Fancy Pants Adventures has been rebuilt from th...

How a Garden Grows

8 Played0 Comments

Help Strawberry grow your garden. Plant seeds, water them and grow by the sunflowers until you can collect the fruits.

Gravitee Wars Online

1.01K Played0 Comments

Gravitee Wars Online is a free online multiplayer artillery game set in space. Use the gravity of planets to take shots at other player's teams until you are the last team standing. Earn xp and Gravitons as you play t...

Snap The Shape

932 Played0 Comments

Snap The Shapes

Sheep vs aliens 2 zero gravity

908 Played0 Comments

A sequel with "Angry Birds Space" mechanics. The sheep are back! blow up the aliens on planets and in zero gravity conditions.


521 Played0 Comments

We always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can de...

3 pandas 2 night

620 Played0 Comments

A sequel to the 3 Pandas. An adventure physics game with uniquely designed levels.

Atomic puzzle 2

21.00K Played0 Comments

Clear each level by removing the atoms in the correct order. Can you predict the merging of the molecules so that there’s none left at the end of each level?

Jumpix 2

1.21K Played0 Comments

In this 3D arcade platformer, you have a control over a jumping and rolling ball. Trying to get max score on each level is a challenge, you've got to avoid falling from edges. Dangerous traps and interesting tasks awa...

La Banda del Patio: Circuitos de Bici

11 Played0 Comments

Beat all the tests to enter the Band of the Patio, your new club of friends. They are tests that will measure your fear, your ability to ride a bike, your loyalty and your friendship. You are ready?

Bob the robber 2

11.47K Played0 Comments

Is the city in danger again? It looks like a job for our hero – robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and … zombies!!! Help Bob to save the city from Gamp corporation!

Extreme Florist

11 Played0 Comments

In Extreme Florist begins your work as a flower dealer, a trade about to become extinct. Deliver the roses and bouquets to their corresponding customers without being stolen along the way.

I was on the throne

1.38K Played0 Comments

Everyday reality turns around a journey into another world. Can you understand what's happening? You were in an unusual and mysterious world. Can you find a way out of there? Audiovisual adventure game in an unusua...

Mummys path

1.21K Played0 Comments

Help the mummy to gain the sky through 36 puzzling/physics levels

Johnny upgrade

24.98K Played0 Comments

Johnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero with no abilities! Collect coins to buy upgrades and to be able to beat the big arcade level and its boss in this great action upgrade game mashup!

Dr clumsy

2.45K Played0 Comments

Dr clumsy joined a tourist group to visit pyramid. Unluckily, someone opened the switch which activated all traps nearby Pharaoh and all mummies back to life. Dr clumsy must save those tourists who were all in danger!...

Steel Jack

583 Played0 Comments

Run along the trail of stolen treasures controlling the brave knight to find the kidnapped king and the princess

Binga 3

178 Played0 Comments

Binga, the funny and challenging point and click puzzle game returns.


9 Played0 Comments

Hanger is a quirky online game. Your mission is to handle a hangman and try to get from one end of the stage to the other in Spiderman, but with the main task of being intact. It is very easy to dismember!

Adventure story

3.20K Played0 Comments

Explore the world of Adventure Story while battling swarms of enemies and massive bosses, collecting new equipment, and learning magic spells. Arrow Keys – Move Up Arrow – Interact with objects A – Jump S – Attack D –...


696 Played0 Comments

Help Ayo recover the magic sphere! Evade enemies, push crates, solve puzzles, and collect keys as you roll and jump your way through each stage

Parking mania

1.84K Played0 Comments

Ever felt humiliated because you didn`t see that wall as large as life in front of your car when your crashed it? This is your chance to practise your parking skills in secret!

Cannon Basketball 2

1.93K Played0 Comments

You shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket.


633 Played0 Comments

Help the blue Globy reach his goals in this doodle-filled adventure.

Feed the Cubs

7 Played0 Comments

The animals of the forest have become sybaritic and demanding. In this online game you will be your particular waiter and your job is to feed the raccoon, the deer and the squirrel. Make no mistake that you are on the...

The sun for the vampire 2 monsters castle

6.71K Played0 Comments

Sequel to the physics puzzle platformer about vampire who wants to see the Sun.

Cactus Mccoy 2

84 Played0 Comments

This is the sequel to Cactus McCoy that you have been waiting for! A chance meeting with Ella Windstorm, the last of the winged Volados, sends you on an epic treasure hunting journey. Can you survive an onslaught of n...

Space is key Xmas

498 Played0 Comments

Space is Key is back in this festive edition! If I were you, I'd be asking santa for a few extra space bars this Christmas.

Jim loves Mary

604 Played0 Comments

This is a story about true love between Jim and Mary! Help them to meet each other on every of 20 fun levels. The game can be played by 2 players on one keyboard.

Jump Out The Box

674 Played0 Comments

Get ready for another adventure with these bouncy bugs. Can you help them make a break for it?

Tales of Heroes

20 Played0 Comments

Tales of Heroes brings you a compilation of all anime comics and end-of-game bosses from many online games. Although only the challenge of overcoming them is worthy of a true hero, we give you the opportunity.

Papas Hot Doggeria

405 Played0 Comments

Grill and serve hot dogs and other stadium snacks in Papa's Hot Doggeria!

Fires in Funtown

11 Played0 Comments

The building is burning and the rock is thrown on the balconies to not burn. Your job as a good firefighter you are is to pick them up with the stretcher so they do not get stamped. Luck.

Tarzan ball

1.50K Played0 Comments

Hold left mouse button to use your extendable sticky arm. Use as few clicks as possible to reach the Bull’s Eye. Hold left mouse button to use your extendable sticky arm. Use as few clicks as possible to reach the Bul...

Data Miner

3 Played0 Comments

Help Sam the thief to give the perfect blows. It is often pasted in the benches and offices and with its magnetic hook catches all the objects at a distance that can before the alarm sounds and has to go out shitting ...

Pyro jump

2.59K Played0 Comments

Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch the Princess Paper in 90 levels full of pitfalls. Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is ready to try anything to convince her that this ro...

Formula racer

9.03K Played0 Comments

More fast paced arcade racing from TurboNuke. Battle through twelve tracks from around the world, over three different race classes, upgrading to faster cars as you go.

Adventure story

7 Played0 Comments

Explore the world of Adventure Story while battling swarms of enemies and massive bosses, collecting new equipment, and learning magic spells. Arrow Keys – Move Up Arrow – Interact with objects A – Jump S – Attack ...

School bus license 3

6.24K Played0 Comments

Are you ready to advance your license in School Bus License 3? Passing the test is now even trickier in this driving simulation. Test your skills through 17 challenging levels, ranging from picking children up from a ...

Super mario castle 2

26 Played0 Comments

A sequel of the Super Mario Castle adventures! Princess Peach was kidnapped and imprisoned on the highest floor of the castle. Now Mario must again fight against the Koopa Troopa soldiers who will try to stop you. Col...


1.07K Played0 Comments

Funny Tower Defense! Your task is to quickly build towers and do not let the Knights get to the princesses!

Aviator IMP

9 Played0 Comments

Help Imp, the aviator, get as far as possible. Use the obstacles in your task, but taking into account that some will be useful, but some others could kill the poor Imp. Take off with the space bar!

Rotate and Roll

485 Played0 Comments

Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress.

Rich mine

358 Played0 Comments

Strategically cut the ropes guide the gems to the gnome in each level of this fun physics-based puzzle.

Over the bridge

2.81K Played0 Comments

Over The Bridge is a new arcade game in which you must try to get from one platform to another by building bridges between them!

Ducklife 2

4.24K Played0 Comments

The sequel to the duck training sim. Travel the globe racing your duck to become the world champion.

Brown Cow Curling

4 Played0 Comments

Slap Brown Cow Curling, a magnetic hockey game with very picturesque cows. Give direction and power to your disk and sweep the computer.

Pokemon tower defense

32.69K Played0 Comments

When a pack of wild Rattata attack Professor Oak's lab, it is up to you to stop them. Set out on your own Pokemon journey, to catch and train all pokemon and try to solve the mystery behind these attacks. Featuring th...

Liquid 2

1.44K Played0 Comments

You are Liquid and you must flow to the finish. Rotate the world, Avoid hazards, and try not to leave anyone behind. Every drop is important!

Valiant knight save the princess

1.52K Played0 Comments

One valiant knight goes to an abandoned castle on the way will have to solve challenging puzzles, fight against enemies and collect the scattered coins.

Traffic Hazard

1.50K Played0 Comments

There are no traffic lights in this big city. So it's up to you to control the traffic. This isn't the easiest job so pay attention to every vehicle and watch out noone crashes!

Heli Racer

5 Played0 Comments

Take part in the most exciting helicopter races in the world and make yourself at the podium with this incredible online game. Control your helicopter with the mouse and press the left button to gain height.

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