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Heli Racer

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Take part in the most exciting helicopter races in the world and make yourself at the podium with this incredible online game. Control your helicopter with the mouse and press the left button to gain height.

Data Miner

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Help Sam the thief to give the perfect blows. It is often pasted in the benches and offices and with its magnetic hook catches all the objects at a distance that can before the alarm sounds and has to go out shitting ...

El Vuelo Arriesgado de Todd

24 Played0 Comments

Fly like a rocket and try your jetpack before you sell it. You do not want to put on sale a gossip that does not fly, and that is dangerous, is not it?

Big Fish

26 Played0 Comments

Save your fins from the ocean predators and eat the little ones of the place. The more you sway, the bigger you will become and the more you will fear.

The Romp

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The Romp is the biggest trafficker and rogue in town, watch out that you do not have time. Scam, mischief and shame are their hallmarks. Eye.

Lenny the Lizard

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Lenny the lizard is very hungry. Their diet consists of flies, mosquitoes, bees and various insects. Use your tongue, like a chameleon, to catch them all and put you like the kiko.

Fires in Funtown

46 Played0 Comments

The building is burning and the rock is thrown on the balconies to not burn. Your job as a good firefighter you are is to pick them up with the stretcher so they do not get stamped. Luck.

Debris Derby

66 Played0 Comments

Will poor Coyote this time catch the Road Runner? Only you can help him not to get his way in a damn time.

Par Assault

74 Played0 Comments

Your colleague and you have thrown yourself to the sea to catch seagulls and fish. So far as normal, the rare thing is how to hunt them. You ride a parachute and your buddy pilots a boat. Knock the birds down so he ca...

Trouble Fright Club

88 Played0 Comments

Blow the neck of all infidels in this exciting online sword game. Trouble Fright Club puts you in a haunting cemetery crammed with, well, find out for yourself.

Brown Cow Curling

38 Played0 Comments

Slap Brown Cow Curling, a magnetic hockey game with very picturesque cows. Give direction and power to your disk and sweep the computer.

La Banda del Patio: Circuitos de Bici

40 Played0 Comments

Beat all the tests to enter the Band of the Patio, your new club of friends. They are tests that will measure your fear, your ability to ride a bike, your loyalty and your friendship. You are ready?

Los Fuegos Artificiales de Campanilla

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Help Campanilla prepare fireworks for Peter Pan's nuptials. He has an important commission because everyone will see the fireworks when Peter Pan marries his fiancee.

Crazy Beavers

41 Played0 Comments

Crazy Beavers is an online game for crazy jumpers, snow and bugs. Beavers has to throw his colleague Crazy as far as possible using a slingshot and hitting him with the tail. What sounds fun?

Cookie Capers

73 Played0 Comments

In Cookie Capers you will form a team of mice on a suicide mission: enter the kitchen of humans and steal all the cookies you can to mount a banquet of postin.

Japo Hammer

59 Played0 Comments

The authentic online game in which you play the fingers of the hands to nail a nail using a hammer. Give it strength, choose angle and calculate with great attention, it is your finger that is at stake.

El Festín de Rufus

30 Played0 Comments

It's time for Rufus's feast! Help him find buried hot dogs for a delicious snack. Use the keyboard of your computer to dig in any direction, and be careful because evil bastards will be watching to freeze the hot dogs...

Angel Falls

28 Played0 Comments

Save all the angels that fall from the sky while avoiding the devils that have sieved controlling a cloud. Collect them before they hit the ground in this fun and angelic online game.

Extreme Florist

29 Played0 Comments

In Extreme Florist begins your work as a flower dealer, a trade about to become extinct. Deliver the roses and bouquets to their corresponding customers without being stolen along the way.

Le Casse Dents

36 Played0 Comments

In the purest Arkanoid style, in this online game you have to fight tartar and decay in a really sick and deteriorated mouth. Use the toothbrush and concentrated fluoride to get rid of the problem!

Hanger 2

147 Played0 Comments

The second part of this game returns. Your mission is very simple: to reach the other end of the stage without losing neither arms, nor legs, nor head, nor any extremity!

Moby Dick the videogame

23 Played0 Comments

You have already managed to anger the demon of the oceans. When the whale Moby Dick is furious it is better that no ships are found nearby. If Herman Ville already said it.

Shadow of Mummies

46 Played0 Comments

You were exploring the interior of the pyramid in search of treasures when, at first glance, you are surrounded by mummies with thirst for revenge. Do not get away with it!

Run Ninja Run

69 Played0 Comments

You are a prisoner and the worst awaits you. Fortunately, the rope that tied your hands has come loose. Run like a convict if you want to save the hide.

Among the Clouds

38 Played0 Comments

Good thing you do not have to make the round the world in a hot air balloon, because otherwise you would be fatal. Just in case one day gives you the same crazy, practice with this fun online game.

Shin Chan Sweets

37 Played0 Comments

Penny Shin Chan online game where you have to collect all the candy you find in the shortest possible time. With any luck, it is possible that Shin Chan's mind-numbness will be pricked.

Feed the Cubs

29 Played0 Comments

The animals of the forest have become sybaritic and demanding. In this online game you will be your particular waiter and your job is to feed the raccoon, the deer and the squirrel. Make no mistake that you are on the...

Iron Shinobi

25 Played0 Comments

After a week of hard training on Holy Mountain, our hero returns to the city to encounter the personified horror. Everything has been devastated, kidnapped children and elders and elders savagely massacred. Quench you...

Tales of Heroes

38 Played0 Comments

Tales of Heroes brings you a compilation of all anime comics and end-of-game bosses from many online games. Although only the challenge of overcoming them is worthy of a true hero, we give you the opportunity.


30 Played0 Comments

IPirates brings you all the action and excitement of the offshore duels between pirates, corsairs, buccaneers and the Navy. Yours is the decision to belong to either side in this entertaining online game.

Yanloong Legend

28 Played0 Comments

Every legend has a beginning, every saga has an end. In this fun online game you will know firsthand how this mythical legend was forged.

Ron en Caída Libre

44 Played0 Comments

Ron's exam, his notes, and the papers he was going to present before he was evaluated have fallen. Jump after them and retrieve all the pages before touching the ground.

Yanloong 2: 3rd Impact

36 Played0 Comments

Yan Loong has before him the challenge of his life: to rescue to the beautiful Shaori of the claws of the evil professor Zatu. Prepare your weapons, have breakfast and put the batteries to your enemies in this fun onl...

Pica n Me

23 Played0 Comments

The school has become chaotic. They have taken some armed characters, we suppose to get hostages. You are a superior student who decides to take justice by his hand. You know, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns

39 Played0 Comments

At first, and after a commission, you suffer a formidable curse that turns you into a cactus. You were a famous bounty hunter, and suddenly you've gone from being a hero to a villain because of an Indian artifact. Rec...

Super Miner

39 Played0 Comments

You just went to work in the mine, and as a new miner, you have to do the hardest tasks. Namely, collect all the gold and gems you can avoid the rock loosening and heavy stones because the day is over.


44 Played0 Comments

As children we have all dreamed of doing what Junior does, the protagonist of our online game. Kick your favorite toys with the sole aim of causing the greatest possible damage. What spring?


44 Played0 Comments

Hanger is a quirky online game. Your mission is to handle a hangman and try to get from one end of the stage to the other in Spiderman, but with the main task of being intact. It is very easy to dismember!

How a Garden Grows

24 Played0 Comments

Help Strawberry grow your garden. Plant seeds, water them and grow by the sunflowers until you can collect the fruits.

Vértigo Loco

33 Played0 Comments

Help Woody Woodpecker, better known as the Crazy Bird, reach the goal within the time limit in this frantic online game. For that, take a board with the wood you prefer, collect power ups and avoid the bushes, rocks a...

Turkey Fling

77 Played0 Comments

Chickens are funny but somewhat silly animals. In this online game we propose the sport "chicken throwing" and consists of stretching the neck of the chick that is in the bonfire to see how far we can throw it.

Shrek N’ Slide

22 Played0 Comments

The shrek swamp is once more lively than ever. Take impulse and scour the mud to see how far you can reach. Take the king's crowns along the way!

Spiderman 3: Rescue Mary Jane

81 Played0 Comments

Mary Jane's life is in danger. The enemies of Spiderman, the Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Sandman, among other villains, will meet you on the way to prevent the rescue. Would you like to handle the famous trepamuros?


29 Played0 Comments

Dinofaster prepares you for an exciting dinosaur race. Compete against other dinosaurs and try to cross the finish line first. Remember to avoid all obstacles by jumping or passing underneath.

Floor One: The Chainsaw

78 Played0 Comments

A nutcase walks loose with an electric saw! Guess who it is. The protagonist of this online game resembles that of Splatterhouse, only that instead of zombies and demons, here the enemies are the objects that form the...

Coloured Clouds Pass

39 Played0 Comments

Being a ninja is a complicated art. It requires cunning, agility, temperance, wisdom, physical strength and above all, concentration. Show what you are sensei.

Jingle Balls

18 Played0 Comments

Dennis is a naughty boy. He spends Christmas all day throwing snowballs at passers-by in his Arkansas town. Collaborate on your pranks!


28 Played0 Comments

Gosub is the most stressed baker in the whole neighborhood. Not only do you have to knead flour, make bread and make cakes, but you also have to pick them up and transport them. Do you get into your skin?

Beekus Big Adventure

24 Played0 Comments

Beekus was armed with a 9mm pistol. Its mission is simple: to liquidate to all the insects that are being found to each more disgusting. Terminate!

Classroom Pitfall

43 Played0 Comments

In the online game Classroom Pitfall, the dangers are counted by hundreds, but beware, you will not find the typical dangers of other games ... Discover them!

Uncle Sam

20 Played0 Comments

An alien invasion has abducted your livestock. Kill them! Pass your mouse over the targets to be deleted to mark them and then fire. Let not a Martian live!

Aviator IMP

27 Played0 Comments

Help Imp, the aviator, get as far as possible. Use the obstacles in your task, but taking into account that some will be useful, but some others could kill the poor Imp. Take off with the space bar!

Anime Ninja

26 Played0 Comments

Great ninja game with an unmistakable oriental touch. Use your super powers, such as smoke to disappear, or star ninja to do away with evil.

Capture the Flag

76 Played0 Comments

Capturing the flag was never so fun or risky! In this online game you will be more alone than one, and your mission will be to steal the enemy's flag and take it to your camp. Luck!

It came from the Crypt

32 Played0 Comments

Dr. Watchamacallit has disassembled you, he has left only one eye with little legs! Find the pieces of your body, rebuild yourself and then punish the evil doctor for his misdeeds!


25 Played0 Comments

You're the fly Joe, and the blue spheres drive you crazy. Try to catch all avoiding the obstacles of real life: plugs, other bugs, domestic dangers, ... watch out!

Bill the Demon

37 Played0 Comments

The story is replete with legends about demons: demonic creatures with dark powers and superhuman strength. You are the devil Bill, you have to collect souls and most importantly ... You are hungry!

Robin Pig

19 Played0 Comments

Watch out for the wolves! Online version and modernized of the story of the three little pigs, but this time in a stream, instead of a small house. Ah well, and with the advantage that this time, the pig is armed with...


44 Played0 Comments

Why did you always feel addicted to exploding the pompitas of the packaging? With this online game we let you break all you want. Do not hold back!

V Security

48 Played0 Comments

Do not take it for a fool! Being a security guard, sometimes it's a bit of a bummer, but if you're a security robot that controls a detector, things change. Do not let them stuff illegal things!

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